Entry #17

Im back yall!! (Well soon)

2013-10-06 14:30:04 by narutosMASTA

Hey guys! Ive been gone for too long huh? lol. ^.^ well ive settled alot of life issues but im ready to get back into my animating hobby. As soon as I get a laptop that is. (This one isnt mine) on top of that though ive got plenty of new ideas and concepts to share with everyone through animation. But my first order of business is to continue previous works that Ive started. So expect either luffy vs kirby 5 or the next part of the masters tourney, and/or dbz melee. Also getting pokemon X! CANT WAIT!!! Hope to see you guys in the Kalos region! Keep your eyes peeled For foxboy9( unless it uses my real name) Till next time guys peace!

Im back yall!! (Well soon)


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