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Its definitely not boring to watch, Try a faster frame rate to increase the overall awesome factor. Then just some technical things here and there like the background stretching and camera movement.

SebzX12 responds:

Dont worry man the next episode will be smooth!

alright, spreading wings. A few things though.

Ok so its nice to see your skillz being used somewhere else. I enjoyed it but I had a few time where i wished you wouldnt do what I saw. First off, your skewing. Skewing is nice but it must be fluid, and to make it fluid it has to be rather brief. Theres too much skew and its too obvious. (one of the downfalls of slow motion but ill get to that in a bit.) My advice when u plan on skewing in a slow motion scene ease up on the gas a bit. not so much that you drop the skew all together but just not too much. Second, the slow motion. Everything looks better in slow motion, but too much slow motion can only get so far. Doing it on every signature move can be fun, but when I see it as many times as I saw it here It takes away my excitement for the movie. because if I really think about it I can have to guys do 5 moves only and stretch it out to a minute. So to solve that problem, put in som fast movement scenes that are hard to follow then FOLLOW UP with a slow mo. Its a nifty combination that every one loves but not too much of it. Third, the choreography. Decent to say the least and theres not many problems there. but what I wanna see more of is clean dodges and counter attacks. Now my favorite part was the dialog, nice and enjoyable to read. also the ending was rather...... hm.... yeah Ill find a word for it eventually lolz. So good job, 7 and a half cuz theres no half ratings here. And this is probably the longest review ive ever given so yeah.

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Exorz responds:

Yes, i know. And i`m really glad you are once more proud, master. :P
The skewing.. let`s see. Everyone seems to complain about that as well. I really don`t see where the skewing is off. The slow mos... i was practicing that and that is why i did it so many times. That and the afterimages. And when i focus on Coreography, yes, you`ll see what you want. And the ending is kinda random. I always wanted to end it up like that :D And thanks for reviewing.
Ah and i have an average of 7.7 :3 so there was judging by halves or 10ths.

And what dialogue?! If you mean by the signature moves... thats merely text at all.



Exorz responds:

Epic! Thanks for reviewing!

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wow this game is amazingly challenging, i only got to 276449 4 i was like HOW LONG DOES THIS THING GO!!!!!????? hahaha, awesome stuff love it keep it up and a great phone/ipod/both game hope u find tht publisher.

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Ive gotta say this is one of the better remixes ive heard. Youve kept it a battle theme instead of trying to go somewhere else with it. The high tempo makes it evident that the fight is high stakes and exciting. As it should. 5/5

KDIZZLE22 responds:

Thank you very much for your thoughts on this piece. This is one of my most favorites of my songs. And thank you for your rating. I want to do more pokemon music and comments like this will help motivate me to do so.


To the dude under me Ummmmm, steven wasnt IN emerald, although wallace was only hard with the milotic and tentacruel. As for this song.... different. But likable.


Hey this is great stuff....smooth transitions from bridge to bridge, nice tempo mix, u obviously know yyour tunes.

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GamekrazzyProduction responds:

Thanks for the Review. :D Im glad you liked the song. :D

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